Monday, December 14, 2009

Robert W. Boyd, Outdoorsman and High School Teacher

One of the slightly spooky things about having your own name on Google Alerts is that items like this occasionally pop up.
HOLDERNESS -- Robert W. Boyd, 68, died Nov. 12, 2009, at his residence.
He born in Danvers, Mass., to Robert W. and Delia Cecile (Langlais) Boyd. He graduated from Salem State.
After several years of teaching high school in Danvers and Peabody, Mass., as well as serving on the Danvers Police Dept., he moved to Alaska where he spent 22 years teaching in Bethel schools and in outlying fishing villages.
A lifelong outdoorsman, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, trapping and all that Alaska had to offer.
Upon retiring to New Hampshire in 2004, he pursued gardening, as well as raising poultry and livestock. (Union Leader, November 17, 2009)

I raise a glass to you, Robert W. Boyd! I am happy to note that he is survived by several family members, including a son named . . . Robert W. Boyd.



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