Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nasty Pictures at Frenetic Theater in Bullet Points
Skeez at work

Last night I decided to go see some art films. The program was Nasty Pictures: Twisted Films From Houston Artists. If you want to find details about the program, go here. In fact, you should probably read that first before reading my bullet points.
  • The show was at Frenetic Theater, which is way out east on the non-residential part of Navigation.
  • I was worried about my car getting broken into, but I checked out the crime stats for May--77011 had 12 auto break-ins compared to 32 in 77098 and 31 in 77024!
  • Julia Wallace showed a video of herself giving a BJ while she (live, standing in front of the audience) methodically asked each audience member what their name and favorite color was.
  • She is also the instigator of the well-known (and less-likely to offend the average person) sexyATTACKs.
  • Skeezer Stinkfist's film was a completely disjointed portrait of the punks, rappers, graffiti artists, spoken word poets, etc., who worked in Studio 3 at Commerce Street Artist Warehouse.
  • If you read the articles about their expulsion and its aftermath, and you see this film, you get the idea that they were kicked out for being street artists who didn't have MFAs. It may have been a class thing ... these Mexican punks are lowering to the tone--they must go!
  • That said, Skeez's art brings to mind Tom Devlin's classic putdown--"van art."
  • The theater was unairconditioned--ugh!
  • Frenetic Theater's Fringe Festival (theater, dance, film, music) is happening in August. If they'll put in more fans, I'm there.

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