Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Business Opportunity

Harris County has a whorehouse for sale.
Commissioners Court has on its hands the Velvet Touch, a business that operated on Highway 6 South, and will consider this morning how to dispose of it.
The county came into possession of the brothel after Houston police shut it down in April 2008. A three-year investigation included a confession from the owner that she worked there as both prostitute and madam, according to court documents.
With the court's approval today, the county will schedule an auction for Aug. 5 at the downtown Family Law Center. The bidding starts at $196,779.
When asked what the purchaser can do with the property, Bob Gaskins,who as general manager of the county's Right of Way Division is responsible for the sale, said, “There's no limit.”
He quickly added, “Anything legal.” (Chris Moran, Houston Chronicle, 5/24/2010)

The weird thing about Houston and Harris County is how many open and obvious whorehouses there are. How do they remain in business? This is something I have always wondered. Is it that if they don't get complaints, police just look the other way?

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Down With the Government! Now Give Me My Check!

"The government’s main function these days is writing checks to old people. These checks allow people to retire and pursue avocations such as going to Tea Party rallies."
Michael Kinsley, "My Country Tis of Me," The Atlantic