Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monsterville Horton IV -- the best name ever!

The empty parking spaces at lunchtime are an uncanny sight, and the rumbling in the distance bodes ill.
Rice Village merchants have come to hear that sound as a harbinger of doomed sales, a menace that keeps shoppers at bay. It's the low, incessant grumble of track hoes on Kirby Drive.[...]
At Cova, a high-end wine shop, owner Monsterville Horton IV watched the confluence of three Cats gouging out the intersection of Kirby and Quenby, where traffic alternately stopped and lurched forward. (Jennifer Latson, The Houston Chronicle, 9-23-2009)
Monsterville Horton IV?! Were there three previous Monstervilles??

Monsterville Horton IV... He looks so normal. (Photo by Julio Cortez)

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