Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Great God Pan is Still Dead

I have been seeing some activity from art-lovers over at my other blog, The Great God Pan Is Dead--but I just want to remind you Wha'Happen readers it exists, particularly as last week has been pretty fruitful for me over there.

Combining Crap With Crap -- a meditation on the art of assemblage.
Jason Villegas/The Art Guys at McClain Gallery -- Yippee-Ki-Yay, artlovers!
My Favorite Bits of Lawndale's 30th Anniversary Show -- Includes the immortal "Tits in a Window"
The Candy Colored Geometries of Jonathan Leach
Super-Deformed Medieval Dudes -- Mark Greenwalt's art at UH Downtown.
Way Too Much Art at Betz Gallery -- The flea market approach to selling art.
The Curious Case of the Devin Berden Hiram Butler Gallery -- Seriously, what's up with this place?
Where Does Art Get It's Value? -- Specifically, how can a seller ask $175,000 for a Chester Gould original when they usually go for $1000?
Lawn Art -- A post about art. That's on the lawn.




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