Monday, August 10, 2009

Rice is #1!

In "quality of life" as ranked by the Princeton Review.
The Houston school ranks No. 1 nationally in the newly released edition of ‘The Best 371 Colleges.” (Houston Business Journal)

The rankings for quality of life are based on students’ assessment of food on and off-campus [...]

(The "serveries" are a great improvement over the barely edible food when I was an undergrad, to be sure.)

[...] dorm comfort [...]
(What the fuck? The "new" dorms must be a huge improvement over the old once for this to be true.)
[...] campus beauty, ease of getting around campus, relationship with the local community [...]
(What relationship?)
[...] campus safety, the surrounding area, interaction between students, friendliness and happiness of the student body and smoothness with which the school is administered.
(Oh, they're smooth all right!)

Actually, I have no clue what campus life is like now, so I shouldn't be so snarky (except that I am required to do so by the terms of my Blogger license). Certainly if they had asked students who lived in the old Weiss College where I lived, they wouldn't have gotten such a positive response. But the old Weiss College was torn down in 1872 so who cares?

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