Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Like Art #1: Kathy Kelley

I went gallery hopping yesterday and saw some art I liked, so I decided I'd start a new series of posts about local gallery art. Unlike Beth Secor, I have no intent to try to visit every gallery or see every show. I don't have that much time or energy. But if I see something I like, and I can get some photos, I'll post 'em.  I'm not sure what the titles of these individual pieces are. They have really long, angst-ridden titles like "the fracture between us yawns as a cavern so wide, I feel the bruise of soul" and "i obliterated that which i loved." Really kind of unexpected for the work. 

Indeed, if I had to describe this work, I would think of words like "industrial," "junk," "heavy," even "masculine." I would think of artists like Keinholz, Richard Serra, Robert Morris, Joseph Bueys. 

But I did some research on the artist. She has a blog and ... well, here is an excerpt.

Not observed, but assumed based on my life experience to also be considered is each partner’s capacity to own their own crap and actually do the work to move each individual toward the healing of life wounds. I also believe even if the marriage is dissolved, healing and the non-repetition of wounding behaviors come to those who exercise and expand these capacities. I also believe these capacities even without infidelity to be building blocks of a strong marriage because everyday there are little betrayals, perceived or actual, that need to be dealt with. I choose to exercise and expand these capacities within myself. [defining forgiveness in terms of significant reductions in ceasing to seek or demand justice or revenge, ceasing to feel ongoing anger/resentment, and increases in wishing the other person well and restoring relational trust - Handbook of the Clinical Treatment of Infidelity By Fred P. Piercy, Katherine M. Hertlein, Joseph L. Wetchler]

Yow. She reveals a lot more of herself than I ever would! Her blog contains a lot of Kelley's poetry, lots of photos of her art (including "in progress" photos, which are quite interesting), and quotes from inspirational texts. She seems to be rather spiritual (and even religious) and sensitive. How she ended up doing work like this is mysterious to me. 

Her website shows a lot more of her work. I don't love all of it, but I like most of it. 

What else is strange about this artist? She lives in my neighborhood (according to her resume online). I won't say what neighborhood specifically, but let's just say that it is a neighborhood where one would never think of an artist--particularly a post-minimalist artist--choosing to live. One never knows what goes on behind people's front doors, but if one were to judge my neighborhood by its exterior appearance, the word "art" would never come up. This just makes Kelley more intriguing. I like her art a lot. Her work is being shown at Ggallery on 11th street in the Heights. The show was supposed to end June 22, but it has apparently been held over. I don't know how long it will stay up, so see it soon!

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Blogger kathkell said...

thanks. i did have a good laugh in an ouchy kind of way at the some of the over revealing text you quote. but for the most part i think you pegged me pretty well.

9:18 AM  
Blogger  Robert Boyd said...

I hope it wasn't too embarrassing. I figured since you published it on a publicly available blog, you weren't shy about sharing it. (One has to have a certain willingness to reveal oneself to be an artist who exhibits her work in public, anyway.)

In any case, I would never have written so much if I didn't really like the work.

9:49 AM  
Blogger kathkell said...

not to embarrassing. you are correct in that i haven't been to shy about self disclosures which does tend to be fundamentally a fundamental element of my work.

i took it as nothing but complementary!


3:13 PM  

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