Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The General Mobilization of Ants
On Monday, two bombs exploded on buses in Kunming, China. According to news reports, many residents of the city received text messages on their phones earlier that morning with a cryptic warning not to ride certain bus lines that day, including the line targeted by the attack. The message was signed "The General Mobilization of Ants." The articles I read have uniformly mentioned the fact that bus bombings are common in China (!), but that they are usually the work of "disgruntled farmers or laid-off workers"--not by organized revolutionaries, no siree! And certainly not by ants (hitherto believed to be the most Communist of insects)!

The Chinese government, anxious to avoid any unpleasantness before their Olympics, quickly issued a statement denying the existence of the message and the existence of any terrorist group responsible. I'm sure this is of great comfort to the two people killed on the busses.


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