Friday, May 16, 2008

My Brilliant Representative

That would be John Culberson, 7th district of Texas. Marvel at the brilliant way he represents me and my fellow Houstonians in this video.

Here's a transcript (courtesy of Kuff):
John Culberson (R-TX): contains provisions that have nothing to do with our troop's survival and safety in the field. To burden our troops with pork, with tax increases, with special provisions that have nothing to do with the war, adds to, I think, the obvious misuse of the process and I urge members to vote against the pork and support our troops.

David Obey (D-WI): I yield myself 30 seconds...I'd like the gentleman from Texas to point out a single piece of member pork in this bill.

Culberson: Does the gentleman yield?

Obey: Yes.

Culberson: Mr., Mr. Chairman, there's a number of un-un-unnecessary provisions in this...

Obey: Name one.

Culberson: Well, why are we separating out, sir, why aren't we just passing...

Obey: (nearly yelling) Name one.

Culberson: Why are we...

Obey: (yelling, finger pointing) Can you name one or can't you? The fact is there is not a single piece of member pork in this bill. You ought to...

(pounding gavel, "time expired")

Culberson: (inaudible)...why are we passing provisions in this bill with tax increases?
I thought, ok, maybe he's just flustered in a floor debate. So I went to his site to see what he specifically objected to in the bill.
Congressman Culberson voted “present” today on an amendment to increase taxes by billions of dollars to pay for more domestic spending and new entitlement programs. Entitlement programs already account for two-thirds of all domestic spending, and expanding these programs would only add to our record debt and deficits.

“The Democrats used the troop funding bill as a shell game to sneak 54 billion dollars of new taxes and spending past Congress. We have a responsibility to provide our soldiers with the resources they need to accomplish their mission in Iraq. Our military leaders on the ground have told Congress they need this funding by Memorial Day to sustain their progress, and we should honor their request.

“Republicans used the only legislative tool at their disposal to protest the unacceptable conditions that were imposed on troop funding by voting ‘present.’ Democrats brought this bill to the floor without a hearing, without amendments, and without any input from the minority party.

“The bill contains items that have nothing to do with the safety of our troops in the field. Muddying the bill with new taxes and spending is a blatant abuse of power and process,” Congressman Culberson said.

Yep, Culberson really doesn't say what he doesn't like about the bill, except for some undefined spending and some taxes. I mean, c'mon. Do you really object to this bill for some reason, or are you just being obstructionist? Have you even read the bill? If you truly have a problem with it, say what the problem is. Don't just wave your hands and cry "pork!"

Vote Skelly.



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