Monday, May 05, 2008

Fashion Ideas from a Corporate Welfare Queen

I read and admired this article by Rick Casey about Cabela's corporate welfare-based business model, but wasn't going to link to it because I had nothing really to add. Read the column, and then type "Cabela's" and "corporate welfare" into Google to see an endless list of journalists, bloggers, columnists, citizens, activists, etc., left- and right-wingers alike, who are disgusted at the way stores like Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops (and many many others) squeeze subsidies out of small towns, big cities, and even whole states in exchange for locating there. The small town officials are the ones I feel sorriest for--they are likely to be the least sophisticated and most easily bamboozled by Cabela's slick pitch. But I am astonished that city officials from large cities or in state legislatures would fall for it. It seems so unlikely that another explanation--corruption--seems more plausible (even if such corruption were the legal kind--campaign contributions).

Anyway, I decided to link to this article because it gives me an excuse to post this image:
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(Hat tip to Art Fag City.)

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