Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Houston Streets 3: Bunker Hill and Knipp

On this trip, I explored Bunker Hill and Knipp. Readers of this blog (if you exist) will notice that the village of Bunker Hill consists mainly of five long north-south roads (Strey Lane, Knipp, Bunker Hill, Blalock, and Piney Point) with a variety of different small roads—mostly cul-de-sacs—off of each of them.

Knipp and Bunker Hill, unfortunately, are not terribly interesting roads. The usual mixture of older, smaller ranch houses mixed in with newer McMansions. Few houses on these streets are architecturally interesting.

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This brown modern house fades into the wooded background, but stands out from its neighbors with its blocky, curved-edge volumes. It looks very 70s to me—I imagine a time when the inhabitants relaxed on the sectional sofa and shag rugs, listening to James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, drinking white wine or Coors.

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