Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Skelly Outspends Culberson

The Houston Politics blog at the Chronicle has the details:
Democratic challenger Michael Skelly's campaign spent $1.5 million through September, more than twice as much as Republican U.S. Rep. John Culberson's re-election effort, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Also, Skelly recently pumped $750,000 in personal funds into his campaign in the form of a loan, in addition to the $200,000 he injected earlier this year. Skelly is an exective in a wind power company that the Republican Party of Texas, in support of Culberson, alleges "took taxpayer subsidies to enrich himself and his business."

It's true that the federal government requires power companies to get a fraction of their electricity from alternative sources such as wind. It's also true that the government has subsidized the oil and nuclear energy industries through the years and that Culberson has voted for tax subsidies for conventional and alternative energy.

Skelly's personal loans aside, his campaign has still raised more money from donors than Culberson's, a very rare situation in congressional races across the country. Much of Skelly's campaign spending has been for those incessant TV ads and mailings.

I'm one of those donors (a small but proud one). You can be too--go here to help out.

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