Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spiritual Inertia

When I was a college student in the 80s, I experienced drunkenness in its richness and varieties. One thing I observed was the sensation of motion even when there was no motion, For example, I could close my eyes and feel myself rotating, even though I knew I was stationary. I called this “spiritual inertia.” “Spiritual” because the non-physical part of me felt motion, and “inertia” because inertia is, in a way, the sensation of motion.

I felt that way tonight, the first time in a long time, after drinking with members of the class of 2008, EMBAs from 2007, and a few of my classmates from the class of 2007.

“It’s coming through a crack in the wall/on a visionary flood of alcohol.”
—“Democracy” by Leonard Cohen

I love that song, As much as any psychotropic drug, alcohol can invoke visions.


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