Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Very Bad Robert Boyd

Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau) is days away from his wedding and welcomes his bachelor party weekend as a chance to break free from the pressure from his Bridezilla fiancée Laura (Cameron Diaz). Things are as chaotic as expected in their hotel in Las Vegas — drink, drugs and a stripper.

However, trouble begins when Kyle's friend Michael (Jeremy Piven) accidentally kills a stripper (Kobe Tai) in the hotel bathroom. When a security guard finds her body, he threatens to call the police but is silenced when he is stabbed to death with a corkscrew by Robert Boyd (Christian Slater). Boyd, a real estate salesman and recent graduate of a self-help program, takes charge of the group and devises a plan to dispose of the bodies by burying them in the desert. The group grudgingly goes through with the plan, but soon guilt and nerves begin to destroy the group and unravel their lives. (Wikipedia)

The above scenario is complete fiction. I have never stabbed a security guard. Certainly not with a corkscrew (would that even work?).

(The one prominent "Robert Boyd" in fiction, and he turns out to be a psychotic murderer. And even worse, he's played by Christian Slater.)



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Worse still, I think the character was played by Giovanni Ribisi in the sequel: VERY VERY BAD THINGS.


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