Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things the World Does Not Need

One of them is a remake of Yellow Submarine.
Disney have officially announced their motion-capture CGI 3D remake of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. [...] The official announcement was made over the weekend, and the accompanying press release quotes Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook as saying,
This is truly an inspired collaboration, and a wonderful opportunity to revisit one of the most imaginative and memorable musical fantasies of all time. To be working with the amazing folks at Apple Corps, and to have Bob [Zemeckis] helming the sub is truly as good as it gets. With all those incredible Beatles songs and imagery, the spectacular vision of Bob and his pioneering team at ImageMovers Digital, and a classic adventure full of wit and action, we're sure that moviegoers are going to have a great time on this latest trip to Pepperland. (Io9)
Io9 goes on to make the point that the original Yellow Submarine movie didn't exactly have a very memorable story, and it mainly recalled for its animation and design (by Heinz Edelmann)  "and ability to capture the then-zeitgeist." And at the very least, when the original came out, you got to hear some new Beatles songs.

Of course I'll go see it, just like I did with Across the Universe, a ridiculous farrago of 60s cliches and mostly irrelevant Beatles songs (but starring a guy, Jim Sturgess, who looks as if they somehow managed to mix the genetic material of Steve Winwood and several of the Small Faces to create the perfect psychedelic English mod). I'll see Yellow Submarine, but I still think remaking it is a dumb idea. (All this said, the only place I have heard about this is on Io9--could someone be hoaxing them? Or could Io9 be hoaxing us?)


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