Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chron Endorses Skelly

Given the tenor of the times and the undeniable quality of Michael Skelly, it is not a surprise that the Chronicle has endorsed him.
For a diverse range of communities stretching from the Texas Medical Center and West University Place to the far northwest suburbs of Houston, the representative for District 7 must balance many interests and service priorities. The Chronicle urges voters to support a political newcomer, Michael Skelly, an entrepreneur and family man who built Horizon Wind Energy, one of the largest such companies in the nation.
His life offers an appealing American story — an Irish immigrant who came to the U.S. at the age of 2 with parents who had little money but plenty of determination. Skelly graduated from Notre Dame and Harvard Business School with the assistance of loans and grants.

Skelly supports Metro's plans to build light rail on portions of Richmond and Westpark. He opposes federal restrictions on stem cell research and pledges to push for expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Skelly believes the best way to achieve independence from foreign oil is to push development of alternative energy sources but opposes windfall profits taxes on industry and supports expanded domestic drilling.

Skelly doesn't inspire rhetorical sublimity from the Chron, evidently. What they don't say directly is that it's time to get rid of the transit-hating John Culberson. But I'll say it for them--John Culberson must go! Vote Skelly!



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