Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some People Blog

And some people recreate fantasy battles using candy. Who's to say which activity is more quixotic?

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This blogger did both. This is a recreation of the Battle of Helm's Deep, made from gummi bears and sour-patch kids. Pretty amazing, huh?

I have two criticisms though--first, they recreated the movie battle rather than the book battle. One thing that always bugged me about the movie battle was the addition of elves from Lothlorien to the forces of good; they weren't in the book (unless I'm badly misremembering things). Second, the battlements here are made of cardboard--it would have been even better if the whole thing were edible. If the mountains and fortress had been made of cake, for example. (I feel a bit peevish even making this complaint. Forget I said anything.)

Helm's Deep was last year. This year, they did The Battle of Pelennor Fields.
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Holy Cow.

I can only hope this leads to many more candy battle recreations. Perhaps the Battle of Five Armies? I'd be really interested in seeing what candy they use to create the eagles.

Hat-tip to She Eats.



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